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Micah68 is a Christian expression of advocacy, friendship, and practical support for the peoples of the Middle East.

The main focus of support is amongst the disadvantaged people of the region. The disadvantaged are encountered in different ways; the physically poor, the vulnerable disabled, the economically dispossessed, the politically wronged, the emotionally deprived, or those lacking freedom or opportunity through structural injustice. Micah68 looks to offer hope and dignity to those it works with through real friendship and Christian service which is open to receiving as well as giving.

Advocacy is about speaking up and speaking out, telling the story of those in the region, and speaking on their behalf. Part of that role is to better inform people in the UK about the situation found in the Middle East, and the organisation especially looks to highlight the story of the local indigenous Christian Church, and to support them in their Christian work and witness. Micah68 will look to promote that understanding through publicising, preaching, teaching and storytelling.

Friendship is an important approach in Christian mission. With an open hearted approach, true faith-sharers are sensitive to those they encounter; meeting them with respect and an attitude of openness and learning, recognising that God already cares for those they meet, though they might not know God themselves. Whilst Christian faith does need verbal expression, it needs proof by deed and life, by ‘being Jesus’ amongst others. Micah68 will look to build positive and open relationships with those it meets of whatever religious and cultural background as it works in the Middle East.

Practical support is at the heart of the Christian ministry of Micah68, which has a call to make the Christian faith live. There should be no dichotomy or division between personal faith and social action; ‘belonging to Christ’ is not to be party to an individualistic privatised belief system, but is personal faith expressed socially into the community. The call is to share living faith creatively and practically with others, looking to help change their situations in a positive way. Micah68 will look to support project partners across the region, setting financial targets for particular Micah projects on an annual basis. Any giving will be monitored and project development reported back.