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Micah Projects

Welcome to the heart of Micah68 – some really practical ways in which you, your family, friends, church mates, work colleagues, can be involved in personally responding to the needs of the Middle East. These are the Micah Projects, which are scattered across the region, and all of whom are known personally by Ian.

By clicking across the countries, you will discover projects with a variety of needs. Each project is briefly described – and any website links added so you can discover more. A target for the year is set on most projects, which you can get involved and respond to. Sometimes that will be a financial target for a specific event, activity or need that the project has. Sometimes the target will be a promotional one – getting the word out to others to spread the message of the work of that project. More Micah Projects will be added in the future as the support expands.

You might want to get further involved in one or more of these projects – or have a heart for one of the countries. Then why not join Ian on one of his trips to the region? Not an organised tour or regular pilgrimage, just an opportunity to travel together, see the country, meet the project partners, and come back as a Micah Project Advocate with a real insight into why practical support is so important. Click on Get Involved for more details.