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Tukul Crafts

Tukul Crafts, Zamalek, Cairo

Tukul Crafts promotes African culture and creates an income for displaced Sudanese refugees in Cairo, Egypt. Although an independent company, they work alongside Refuge Egypt, ( who serve people from Sudan and other African countries, living in Egypt, who have fled their original country of nationality due to war or disaster, and who have well founded fears of return due to persecution or loss of rights.

Tukul Crafts is a small craft and silkscreen workshop which makes unique tailor-made products with screen printed traditional African designs. A small team of tailors and artists make these products, and all under the roof of All Saint’s Anglican Cathedral, Cairo.

‘Tukul’ means ‘the small hut’ in which villagers live in Sudan; this is both the focal point of their home life, and the place from which traditionally, they generated their crafts. The Tukul workshop began in 1988 as a group of displaced Sudanese refugees struggled to make some means of living through handcraft. At first they were doing beadwork, and printing t-shirts with simple stencils. In 1993, a photographic method of silkscreen printing was introduced, and artisans worked together to develop African designs which stamp Tukul products as unique. Currently there are three full time artisans at work in the Tukul workshop.

They have produced items specific to Micah68.

Micah Challenge:
To produce new UK based customers to help expand this important micro- business.

December 2016 UPDATE: Some Tukul website issues are currently causing some restrictions in ordering and paying for materials.  Ian is currently exploring ways to help this company reach beyond a locally based sales point.

Generally materials can be ordered and payment made directly in the Tukul account on the website. Given the prices, it is estimated that you could make local profits of 25-50%, which could either go to your own local work, or be re-cycled back for future orders. Tukul are happy to help you develop your own designs, or tailor make a design for you. Will you or your friends buy some goods, and support this important work amongst the refugee population in Cairo? Contact Ian for more details about how you can best support Tukul Crafts as a friend of Micah68.

Micah Project Advocate:
Travelling with Ian to Egypt will give you an opportunity to be challenged by issues around poverty and discrimination, to visit both Cairo and Alexandria, travelling on the historic Cairo to Alexandria railway, to spend time with the Micah68 partners and friends, and eat some fantastic food! You come back with new insights, and an important task.