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Sherin & Ian dec 12

Shasso Accessories

Shasso Accessories is the name of the creative work of Sherin Boulos, a friend of Ian’s in Alexandria, Egypt. Sherin Boulos lives with her parents in a tough area of the city, and works part-time as an arts and crafts teacher at a local school. She also gives some time to one of the Micah68 projects at Fairhaven School and Vocational Centre run by the Evangelical Church under the leadership of Rev Gendi Rizik.

An Orthodox Christian who loves Jesus, she also volunteers in her spare time with Caritas who run an outreach bus project working with street children and teenagers in Alexandria. She uses her craft talents to communicate and encourage creativity. With the street boys especially she is involved in a project recycling rubbish such as tin cans into useful items for sale. Her heart is for the poor.

Sherin specialises in making art and  handmade jewellery, having been taught by her father. Her great hope would be to set up a small workshop to further support her family, and you can see her work via her Facebook page ‘Shasso Accessories’.

Will you support one person, so she can continue to support her family, develop her business and change the lives of those even poorer around her?

Micah Challenge:
To develop new UK based customers for Shasso Accessories.

Each year on his visit to Egypt Ian will collect the materials direct from Sherin in Alexandria, and then distribute them in the UK. After a small courier charge, plus postage and packing in the UK, it is estimated that you could make local profits of 25-30%, which could either go to your own local work, or be re-cycled back for future orders. Will you or your friends buy some goods, and support one woman and her family in Egypt? Contact Ian for more details about how you can best support Sherin and her work as a friend of Micah68.

Micah Project Advocate: 
Travelling with Ian to Egypt will give you an opportunity to be challenged by issues around poverty and discrimination, to visit both Cairo and Alexandria, travelling on the historic Cairo to Alexandria railway, to spend time with the Micah68 partners and friends, and eat some fantastic food! Your come back with new insights, and an important task.