Micah News in brand new format!

Welcome to Micah News – now in a brand new format for you very special Micah Supporters. Rather than emailing information and newsletters, which may have some upload problems, I will now be directing you to here – the Supporters portal, which is a secret part of the Micah68 website (thanks to Pete Everitt’s clever work!). I’ll be sharing news about key fundraising, when my Micah trips to the Middle East are taking place – and also posting up reports and pictures of meetings with partners across the region.

On the sidebar (over there on the right underneath the stuff about me) you will be able to look back through the Micah News Archive, as well download Fundraising ideas, the Standing Order, and also open up the Micah Prayer should you need some pointers.

Lastly, whilst you are on the website, do check out my latest Middle East musings on the Blog page, or just pause to look through the Gallery, and be inspired by people and places that you are supporting through your thoughts, prayers and gifts.

With much love and thanks as always. Ian

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