Personal investment

A little thought is about investment. It begins after church yesterday in the warm morning sunshine (oh yes!), with a chat to a very friendly chap who is American/Egyptian and works in business investments here in Cairo. Interesting when you are in a stable situation, but when you are in an ever changing and still rather volatile country, it seems to be not just a risk, but an act of faith to be in that line of work. What do you invest in, and why?

Then up pops Tom Clark who has arrived in the dead of night from Alexandria, and booked into the Cathedral guesthouse two doors away from me. I wondered who was making the racket arriving at 02.00am. Over here with a colleague, and involved in an Alpha conference in Alexandria, Tom was one of my part time BA students, (and very successful too…obviously) and now has a posh title as Alpha Relationship manager based at HTB, London. Cries of ‘what are you doing here?’, from both of us, and then drinks later in the day to catch up. A brilliant, if not slightly surreal, moment. But great to hear about what he is doing….as it always is when I hear from my beloved ex students who accomplishments I am always proud of. The encounter also made me think about personal investment. Who do I invest in, and why?

Last night I was able to pass on some collected gifts to a local family who live in quite a poor situation, and this morning chatted with the new co-ordinator of the prison ministry who Micah68 supporters have gathered some monies for. Again, a sort of personal investment into things hoped for, but not yet realised.

So what, and who, do I personally invest time and energy, and maybe even money into? And why?

A risk? An act of faith? An investment in a changed future? Just pondering….

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