Mrs Betty Majaj – A Very Important Servant

Had an interesting morning on the Mount of Olives visiting one of the Micah68 project partners – The Jerusalem Princess Basma Center ( and having coffee and lunch with Mrs Betty Majaj and members of the staff of a place I have had a links with since 1998 (which made me feel old!) Great to see some work still around the place from old Highway Projects days, and good to be able to arrange the handover of a Micah68 gift to the work there to help continue this important work. Earlier this year after 30 years of service to the community via the Basma Center Mrs Majaj (very occasionally Betty) was awarded the title ‘The First and Most Distinguished Lady of Jerusalem 2012’ by Mahmoud Abbas(and yes – she has the prize to prove it). Naturally I bowed in her presence, which made her laugh a lot. Not a bad title for someone who regards herself as a servant of The Servant King, and many of us regard as one of life’s saints.

Oh, and after that I had coffee at Jaffa Gate with my old friend Sohil Haj (which made me feel even older!)…..a man who has several titles including Mr Nadi al Mahaba. If you know these guys, and want to add your own titles to these VIS’s…..please do….

One thought on “Mrs Betty Majaj – A Very Important Servant

  1. Mrs majaj is a lady who exudes grace and energy , first lady of Jerusalem is a fitting title or maybe make it Israel/Palestine as well! I can almost smell the mint tea and hummus reading your blog Ian…… I echo joy’s words ‘oh to be in jerusalem’ keep up the exciting work and coffee drinking

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