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St Paul’s Episcopal Church

Micah Project:
St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Shefar’am, Galilee

Led by the highly energetic and charismatic Anglican priest Rev. Fuad Dagher, St. Paul’s Church is a worshipping community of Christians in Shefar’am, a mainly Arab town of Christian, Muslim and Druize communities in the Galilee area of northern Israel. As well as gathering the Episcopal Anglican community together for worship, through the ministry of Rev Fuad St Paul’s is known as one of the most open religious communities in the large town. They have very good relationships with other church communities, and the wider Muslim, Jewish and Druize communities in the town and area. Alongside other church leaders Rev Fuad has plans to run the first Alpha course in the region. Over the last few years the church has taken on a huge building project which will give it further opportunities to host larger ecumenical and inter-faith events. This Cultural Centre was opened and dedicated in June 2011. An important ministry within the church is the 11-16 year olds youth work which is a growing area, as the church gathers young people from across the town for play, prayer, music and Bible study each week. This culminates in an annual summer camp, led by Rev Fuad who is also looking to develop further family events within the church, and more community use of the Cultural Centre. In 2014 he started a new summer camp for the 3-6 year olds, and planned to have 30 children over the whole month of July. Nearly 70 children turned up, and the number gets bigger every year!

Micah Target for 2017
To raise £1000.00 towards the on-going mission and ministry of St. Paul’s church, especially focussing on the expanding children’s work and family summer camps. This will be put against subsidizing members from poorer families to attend, as well as booking special events such as the water slides and clowns day!

Will you and your church want to twin with St. Paul’s, invest in the Christian community in northern Galilee and help to raise money towards this important missional target? Click below for fundraising ideas.

Fundraising Ideas (PDF)

Accumulator:  £0.00.  The £1,000 target for 2016 was reached through friends and supporters across the UK, and was handed over to Rev Fuad by cheque in person In July 16, with his personal thanks published on the Micah68 Facebook page.

Micah Project Advocate:
Travelling with Ian to Galilee will give you an opportunity to visit and possibly worship at St Paul’s church, meet Rev Fuad Dagher and members of the congregation, stay in Nazareth, visit the important Christian sites around Lake Galilee and eat the best Italian ice cream in Israel (so Fuad says). You come back with the task of spreading the word about the ministry and mission of a local Christian congregation – and helping achieve a higher target for the next year!