Impressions of Egypt – 13/12/12

Filthy. Cough. Smog. Cough. Noisy. Cats. Horns. Taxis. Taxes. Trains. Tanks. Tahrir Square. Bloodshed. Revolution. Freedom. Democracy. 25th January 2011. 15th December 2012. Captivity. Coffee. The Nile. History. Hysterical. Pharaohs. Politics. Power. Protest. Poverty. Illiteracy. Ill-informed. Rice. Referendum. Toilets. Travellers Cheques. Tea, one sugar. Toothless. Testimony. Prison. Prisoners. Released. Disability. Deafness. Listening. Gym. Jam. The Magnificat. Mary. Laughter. Birthday. Candles. Camels. Kushary. Jewellery. Beautiful. Bazaar.  Bizarre. Bishops. 7 Up. MUFC 1 Up. School. Sea. Syrian. Sweden. Freedom. Escape. Education. English. Arabic. Cheese. Bread. Wine. Christ. Gift. Grace. God. Incarnated. Friendship. Service. Prayer. Blessed be my people Egypt.


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