Greetings from Alexandria…..

Greetings from Fairhaven Vocational School in Alexandria, where Laura and I have just had the delight of meeting with all our friends in the school, have had a nice cup of tea, have had a look around all the work in the classes, am planning to have lunch with our Swedish friends Lena and Sigge, and of course have seen all the work in the newly renovated gym. We are now off to the bank with Mrs Linda and Mona to hand over the Micah68 gift, and all the monies raised by the friends and family of Laura (nee Gill!) & Alistair Smyth given at the time of their wedding celebrations. A tremendous total of 3,000 pounds sterling, which not only renovates the gym, but also helps the building of a new sales outlet, which will help to display all the goods made on site here at the school. A really great day for us and the work of Micah68 amidst a terrible situation here in Egypt, with reports of deaths and injuries in Cairo last night. We are both safe and amongst friends. This morning we had the privilege of leading the morning devotions. Laura and I sang the song ‘Faithful God’ over the staff, and I spoke about the Advent of Jesus, Light in the darkness (Isaiah 9. 2-7) who brings Hope to the hopeless, Faith to the faithless and Love to the loveless. May he be Light to the people of Egypt today.

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