Getting ready for Egypt……….

Still praying about the situation in Gaza today….a really worrying situation for the region (yet again).¬†Will a ceasefire hold? I really hope so. Peace with Justice, O Lord.

In the meantime, today I am making plans with my excellent agents Travellers Egypt ( for the next Micah68 trip to the region in early December. Yes, it’s Destination Egypt…and an interesting time to be going, this time with one of the Micah Advocates Laura Smyth. More news to follow as the programme develops. In the meantime, a good opportunity for any followers or supporters to drop in on the Egypt projects (hit the Micah Projects tab above!), and drop a bit of cash towards the Kanater Prison ministry. Target still to be reached on a really important project which looks after the practical needs of some Sudanese refugees caught up in the system, and just needing some basic and practical daily support of food, blankets and simple medicines. Maybe an early Christmas gift to give away? It’s all about recognising the needs of humanity really….which links nicely back to the real need for peoples to recognise that on both sides of the current Israel / Palestine conflict. Shalom / Salaam.

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