Freedom for the Captives

On the day crowds gathered again in Tahrir Square, Cairo and outside the Presidential Palace, Heliopolis expressing their desire for freedom. On the day I visited Kanater Prison, Cairo, and heard the testimony of a freedom found in Jesus from a life prisoner from South Sudan. On the day I meet and ate supper with a Syrian family living in the guesthouse for a few days, escaping through Egypt to a new life in Sweden, free from the terrors of war……some reflections……

Freedom for the Captives

Crowds surge with banners high, and freedom cries out in the street, “See my life, Hear my voice, Recognise my sex, Observe my rights, Listen to my anxious prayer”. Yes Lord, freedom for the captives.

Prisoners gather for food and conversation, and wire and bars and guards restrict, but “I am captivated by His love now, and He is the same Jesus inside and outside”. Yes Lord, freedom for the captives.

A family holds onto each other as they journey from home and war, “Elias, my name” the boy introduces, “Syrian, Catholic”. The mother smiles and passes a cheese sandwich to a stranger at the table. “Ian, from England, Christian….shukran”, I smile back. Yes Lord, freedom for the captives.



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