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Micah Projects

As well as Micah68 organisational funding, there are the Micah Projects themselves, all with annual targets. In our third year the total target is £10,000.00, all of which will either go directly to the partner via internet orders (Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans, Bethlehem, Palestine; Shasso Accessories, Alexandria, Egypt), or come through Micah68 for distribution (Kanater Prison, Cairo, Egypt; Fairhaven School & Vocational Centre, Alexandria, Egypt; Jofeh Community Rehabilitation Center “Beit Saleem”, Jofeh, Jordan; Domari Gypsy Community, Israel; St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Galilee, Israel).

Will you adopt a Micah Project and help to achieve its target? You could do this through a one-off personal donation, or maybe a group or church gift. You could raise this through a creative fundraising activity. If you can’t think of one, then download ‘Fundraising ideas’ to get your creative juices going!

Fundraising Ideas (PDF)

Gifts will be acknowledged at the point of giving, and further information about their use placed on the website under each project. All monies earmarked for projects will go direct to the partners on an annual basis via Ian who will visit the project to monitor the work, and to ensure the spending of any donations against the designated projects. The variety will increase as more Micah Projects are added in future years, and more Micah Project Advocates are recruited and introduced to the work.

Giving to Micah Projects form (PDF)

If you have a heart for the work of Micah68 – and are able to set-up a standing order for over £100.00 pa, then you will receive on request a specially designed olive wood Micah Heart, made by some of the craftsmen from the Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans project, Palestine.

Bank details for direct transfer of gifts (please notify Ian with your name and contact details if you do this, so he can acknowledge the gift).

The Co-operative Bank plc
PO Box 101
1 Ballon Street
M60 4EP

Bank code: 08-93-00
Account name: Ian White
Account number: 23285527

Please note that this is currently a personal account during the initial set-up period, after which a full Co-operative Bank charitable business account can be opened and all monies transferred. This account is to be audited by a local treasurer who is a Trustee of Micah68.