Dancing at The Western Wall

So, wanting to check out the new Rambam synagogue, I head for the Jewish Quarter via the Western Wall. Lots of live music, water, and strange cakes – “free my friend, you must have some…please”, I was caught up in a vast circular dance with hundreds of cheery Orthodox Jewish men, all celebrating, clapping, and rhythmically moving towards the Western Wall to pray. Well…..it would be a shame to let them down, and they did seem very friendly – so join in and dance I did (think lots of Dad dancing by men in black hats). Quite obviously I am looking a little more Jewish today. But not enough for the Rambam synagogue 30 minutes later – “sorry, no, we are at prayer”.

Recovered with mint tea whilst chatting to my Armenian friend Kevork in Elia Photos, Christian Quarter (www.eliaphotos.com), about forgiveness and family. Elia Photos is the best photo shop in Jerusalem, with some great material going back into the 1880’s…..and yes, I did buy another one!

2 thoughts on “Dancing at The Western Wall

  1. Good to hear you’ve turned native…not sure about the twisted lock look though!!! Rain here worse than ever and so boring…GB…you are blessed…

  2. Reading post dancing and trip. Am looking forward to seeing the new hairdo, beard & little furry hat. Will add a little something to your Lectures maybe..?

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