Crossing the Jordan……and burning, burning in the Valley!

A late night in Nazreth with too much barbequed chicken and ‘sheep liver’ (‘It’s delicious Iron….have some more”) but ending with some great conversations about the importance of real faith in Christ – and what type of Jesus actually lived in Nazareth all those years ago. Early morning fruit and English tea, and then a dash for the border.

So, crossing the Jordan here I am in a country I really like (maybe because the Jordanian security guys at the border crossing with Israel are so much more friendly!). I enter a country of huge contrasts. Masses of money pouring in from Iraqis and Libyans relocating to modern Amman….and extreme poverty in the Jordan Valley where I started my day in Kreimeh – the site for the new Rehabilitation and Vocational centre being developed by Brother Andrew and Yousef Rizik. Bare earth a few months ago, already you can see the start of something significant for the care of disabled people in that area. But heck, was it hot….it felt like my head was being pickled, and my toes being burnt as I stood there listening to the explanation of what it will all look like.

Then down another 60 kilometres to the Jofeh centre ( – one of the Micah Projects, to be greeted by staff and volunteers with ‘breakfast’ (yes, more hummous, foul (beans), tomatoes, pitta and something very hot in a small bowl…again, more burning!). A sense of being home – I’ve been coming here for 7 years, and really good to see how it has developed and how some of the women are really being empowered to run the centre in the future (Amal and Wa’ed for those who know them). It really gives a tremendous sense of what the new centre in Kreimeh is going to do in the future, and how lives can be transformed in so many different ways.

Tomorrow it’s back to the Valley – repeat after me “water, hat, suncream Ian”.



One thought on “Crossing the Jordan……and burning, burning in the Valley!

  1. We used to add ‘stoppers’ to the daily mantra, incase of unforseen bowel movements or unusable toilets!

    Loving reading about your journey and your ponderings, and loving you and your ministry Lx

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