Around the corner from Tahrir Square

Surreal. I am here in Cairo less than 2 miles from Tahrir Square, based at a church guesthouse. The guy who has just walked into the guesthouse lounge has been spending many of his evenings in the last few weeks on the edge of the square offering Christian ministry to the injured. The traffic rushes (or rather crawls, as this is Cairo) past outside – even at 00.45 am, and shops and cafes are still open across the street. It all seems normal – but it isn’t normal ┬ánot so far from here. Just around the corner In the square crowds are battling over the soul of Egypt, and across the country people are glued to their TV’s watching the latest live shots from the hot spots. What will happen to their country? The people are divided, and many are being injured. Each day there are deaths being reported – some now not hitting the international news. These are important days for democracy, for freedom of association, religion and voice, for human rights. Please pray for Egypt.

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  1. Hi Ian. Doing prayers this morning at St Aidan’s so will add this to it. Was actually looking in the news for Egypt but there wasn’t much so keep the updates coming. Much love sent your way.

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