Ahlan wa sahlan – welcome back to Ibillin….

So here we are, back in Ibillin (northern Galilee) where the mission and ministry across the Middle East sorted of all started for me back in the mid 1990’s. Still the usual elements of craziness, and the need to be ready for changes of plan (that’s if plans were ever made) – and the views across the village from Sohil’s balcony are the same, as are the ice cream and endless coffee. And of course I arrive in wedding season (July is popular). So where to tonight?….yep down the road to a local house for evening one of the week long wedding celebrations for Rasha’s sister. Could be another dancing opportunity……the 3rd of the trip.

Just had coffee with Rasha – someone I first met in 1997 when involved in a youth camp, and she was remembering the impact of those years when as a young teenager some volunteers from the UK came over, and one of them (Anne) stayed in her house with her family. Amazing the impact that any of us can make on someones life if we would just get close enough.

Anyway, back to my English lesson – Bashar (12) and Franswa (14) – two of Sohil’s lads are needing to know more about why the English football team is so bad, and yet has some of the best players. Struggling to explain this in any language to be honest………….

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